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Content Contributors

Any solution on this website lists the author(s) at the bottom of the page. Here’s an example. Scroll to the bottom of it to see the authors.

A complete list of authors who have contributed solutions so far appears below. Want to become one of them? Here’s how!

Author Solutions contributed
Nathan Carter ( 98
Elizabeth Czarniak ( 74
Krtin Juneja ( 30
Ni Shi ( 5
Debayan Sen ( 3
Andrew Quagliaroli ( 3


The following faculty members have proofread student work or given advice on website structure or content.

  • Moinak Bhaduri
  • Nathan Carter
  • Reagan Mozer
  • Gregory Vaughan


Bentley University supported the creation of this website in 2021 with the following resources.

  • a grant supporting Prof. Carter’s work creating the site infrastructure
  • a research assistantship for a student to add site content